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The Federal Government changed the Income Tax Act* in 1988 as a benefit to small business owners. Even though it has been changed for almost 20 years, most Canadian small businesses are not getting the tax advantages they are entitled to.


You personally pay your medical bill just like you normally would. Keep the receipt to send in for reimbursement. (Ex: You pay $2,000 to your dentist)
*See the list of Eligible Expenditures


Your Company (or your employer) submits a Heartland Medical Claim form along with the original receipt and a business cheque for the amount of the expense plus a 10% administration fee. The total amount is a tax deductible business expense to the company. (Ex: You pay $2,200 to Heartland Medical)
*See our online Savings Calculator


Heartland Medical evaluates the claim. Provided the expenses meet the criteria for eligible medical expenses covered by the plan, Heartland Medical issues a cheque to you personally for 100% of the expense. (Ex: You receive a reimbursement of $2,000)

The purpose of the tax act change is to allow small business owners and their select employees to use before tax business dollars and not after tax personal income dollars to pay legitimate tax deductible medical expenses.


The above example transaction now qualifies under Revenue Canada (CCRA) guidelines. This means that the employee/business owner receives a $2,000 tax-free benefit resulting in total tax savings of $780 (assuming a 39% tax rate).

Through Heartland Medical you can customize your plan to suit your company and employee needs. Because there are no monthly premiums, you will never pay for coverage that you wonít use or need.

*To see this portion of the Income Tax Act (IT-519R2),
click http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tp/it519r2-consolid/it519r2-consolid-e.html